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Do you feel weighed down by anxiety or depression? Is your marriage or career threatened due to an affair or conflict that never goes away? Are you stuck in sex addiction even though you’ve tried over and over again to stop? If you are in pain and need quicker results I can help.

Traditionally, clients come to counseling once a week for 50-minute sessions. And while this is often the best approach for ongoing counseling sometimes clients get to the end of the session and wish they had more time. This is particularly the case when issues are causing extreme pain or chaos in a relationship. High-conflict marriages or infidelity or sex addiction are examples of issues that bring intense pain to individuals or couples. If an issue like this is what’s bringing you to counseling you may wish to consider a counseling intensive.

An intensive is multiple counseling sessions condensed into a shorter duration of time. During an intensive we are able to focus on the issue that is causing you problems in a way that can provide quicker relief than weekly sessions. Typical intensives are ten hours and may be spread out over two or three days. If necessary, longer intensives and durations may also be scheduled. Each intensive is designed to produce the maximum benefit to clients. Someone who’s experiencing dramatic upheaval in their life may go away from an intensive feeling freer than they’ve felt in years. Of course, in some cases clients will express a desire for ongoing counseling or occasional “check-ins,” but the ground gained in the intensive provides great hope that things have already begun to change and that greater change is possible.

If a counseling intensive will best serve your needs I will work with you to structure the time in the way that is most beneficial to you. I will use established counseling practices that get to the root of the problem and set you on the pathway to a joyful life where you can thrive.

The fee for a ten hour intensive is $1200 for individuals and $1350 for couples and is collected at the beginning of the intensive.

God intended that we would grow up in families where two elements were present, love and trust. If those elements are present we will grow up with a solid sense of identity and safety. Many of us grew up in families where those elements were largely present. And yet, even the very best parenting cannot provide love and trust in the full measure God intends for us. That’s not a knock on our parents. It’s just not possible for humans to fully provide something only God can do.

We create pain cycles out of the places where we feel a lack of love, which provides Identity and trust, which provides Safety. Pain cycles, as understood in Restoration Therapy*, are where we feel something and act in response to that feeling in a way that brings further damage to ourselves and others with whom we are in relationship. And of course, marriage is a mingling of pain cycles.

I will work with you to understand your pain cycle and if you’re married, to understand how these dynamics are affecting your life together. When we understand our pain cycles we can begin to develop peace cycles instead. Peace cycles are life-changing.

Keeping ourselves emotionally regulated is the most difficult thing to do in relationships, particularly marriage. Dysregulation is what leads us to say and do things we never thought we would do. Understanding our pain cycles helps us regulate ourselves. I will also use other tools and modalities, such as the Enneagram and Internal Family Systems and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, to help you gain a better understanding of you and your responses and motivations.

But it’s also helpful to understand that our bodies and brains play a role in our ability to emotionally regulate. It’s not enough to simply know the right thing to do. We often react in ways we later regret, not because we didn’t know the right way to respond, but because our brain wiring or body response sent us right back into the behavior we had promised we would never do again.

If you find yourself wondering, “where is God in all this?” I say he will be central to everything we do during your intensive. He is the one who made our bodies and brains as they are and did it for our protection. Therefore, he understands that the part of the brain that reacts when we see a snake on the trail or hear what sounds like a gunshot is the same part of the brain where early trauma is stored and causes us to react in ways that are not helpful to us and may be hurtful to others. Whether we are addressing issues cognitively or exploring how the body and brain react during trauma it is all connected to spirit and soul. Addressing issues on all levels leads to greater wholeness.

It’s our heart that has to change. It’s not so much what happened (or happens) to us but how we react to it that makes the difference. Understanding our pain cycles, creating peace cycles, knowing why a part of us responds badly in a particular situation, are all a part of the spiritual solution God wants to provide. I will introduce tools and spiritual practices to take with you from your intensive that will help provide ongoing change.

*Restoration Therapy is an approach to healing and change developed largely by Dr. Terry Hargrave. It is one of the primary approaches I use with my clients.

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Managing Director, Center for Biblical Counseling-McKinney
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