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Dallas Christian counseling with Chuck RobertsIf you’re looking at counseling websites chances are something’s not working well in your life. Perhaps you’re in a relationship that has run into some trouble. You find yourselves fighting all the time and you wonder how it got to be this way. And you promise yourself you won’t lash out at your spouse again, yet you find yourself doing it anyway. Or maybe your situation is different. You’re struggling with a sexual addiction that you’ve tried hard to quit yet you continue to fail. Or perhaps anxiety or depression or anger too often seem to get the best of you. Maybe you’d like to be in a relationship and can’t figure out why that never seems to work out for you.

Let’s face it, these issues can be devastating. You need someone to wade with you through the difficult waters of healing and change. I am caring and compassionate, with years of experience and training in the art of life transformation. I am a Level 1 Certified Restoration Therapist.

I am passionate about spiritual formation and I write in the area of Christian living and spiritual formation. I won’t give trivial answers to difficult questions you may have about God.

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“It seems that change is inevitable, while transformation is intentional.”
— Dan Tocchini III

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I’ve known all my life that I wanted to minister in some way to hurting people. Even as a young boy I was drawn both to the Bible and to people in pain. Throughout my life, I’ve been one of those people others seem to gravitate to when they’re having a difficult time in life. I am grateful for the privilege of helping hurting people heal from their pain and live joy-filled lives.

The truth is, we all want to enjoy our lives and relationships, yet we fail to see how we often get in our own way. I help people who are committed to the hard work of growth and change see and remove the obstacles to their happiness. I help clients make meaning of their suffering, to understand and heal from their past story and choose a new story for their lives. I am fiercely committed to the belief that the greatest hope for our lives is found in the gospel of Christ, and my greatest joy is when clients find the Hope that sustains. Together we will explore how the gospel applies to your concern.

I will work with anyone who is trying to figure something out about their life, but I’ve worked the most with partners in high-conflict marriages, including affair recovery. I’ve also helped adults through the process of healing from childhood sexual abuse and those struggling with sexual addiction, as well as those experiencing anxiety or depression. Because of my personal story, I also work with couples experiencing infertility or adoption issues. Along with these specialties, I have a passion for spiritual formation.

I have a BA in Pastoral Training from the Moody Bible Institute. I was introduced to the work of Dr. Larry Crabb while taking a Pastoral Theology class at Moody and his books, including Inside Out and Finding God, had a profound impact on my life. When I decided to pursue an MA in Counseling I chose Colorado Christian University, where Dr. Crabb taught. There I gained a clinical and theological understanding of people and problems. More recently I have received training in Dr. Terry Hargrave’s Restoration Therapy. I am a long-time student of Enneagram personality types and I conduct seminars on understanding your EnneaType. I write about various topics, including marriage and parenting or Scripture I find especially fascinating.

I’ve been married for over 28 years to the beautiful and talented (and patient!) Susanne and we have one wonderful daughter.

Fees and Forms

My fee is $150 per session for individuals and couples.

I accept some insurances through the Alma platform. If you want to use insurance, find my profile and a list of insurances accepted at and provide your insurance information.

Below are forms that are needed to help me better understand you and to offer you the most accurate assessment as possible. Please download the forms and fill them out as completely as possible and bring them with you on your first appointment. During that first visit we will review the forms and answer any questions you might have regarding them. Your information is kept confidential.

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What is “biblical” counseling?

Biblical counseling, as I view it, means I believe God’s design for men and women and relationships and how people change comes from the Bible, which is God’s revelation to us. My beliefs are informed by psychology, but are rooted primarily in Scripture. With this in mind I seek to not only explore the specific problem that brought you into counseling, but also the nature of your relationships with other significant people in your life as a way of aiming at the source of the problem you are experiencing.

Do I have to be a Christian to be helped by Christian counseling?

No. I’ve helped many clients who were not Christians. I am licensed by the state of Texas and I’m qualified to help with a full range of issues as outlined by the Texas State Board of Examiners. Because my view of change is built on a biblical foundation, however, I will offer you a chance to look at the issues of your heart in relation to others and to God as well as dealing with the specific issue you are presenting. However, many clients have expressed their gratitude to me for my acceptance of wherever they are at spiritually.

What are the benefits of group counseling? Isn’t individual counseling enough?

Group counseling offers members a chance to be involved in a redemptive community where what is true about God, ourselves, and our worlds can be entered. Group is a place where our relationships get played out and we are able to understand our struggles in the moment and safely address our struggles in the moment. As well, members are able to give to other members and learn what it means to risk on behalf of another. These interpersonal dynamics can then be carried out of the group room and offered to significant people in a member’s life. In conjunction with individual counseling, group counseling is a powerful way to help people become aware of how they relate to others and how to learn to love others in a more healthy and deep way

How long can I expect to be in counseling?

There is no easy answer to this question simply because each client and each presenting problem is unique. My goal is to help a person work through their presenting problem and also to look at the root cause of the problem (related to heart issues). By doing this I desire to bring a more complete healing that allows a person to rest in God and love others well. Often this will take a while because heart issues can be deep-rooted and tenacious, stemming from the pains in our lives and our attempts at pain relief. This said, I understand there are often other constraints that sometimes shorten the process time, such as schedules and finances. I also know that God’s timing for working in a person’s heart is unknown to me and so I approach each problem focusing on the safety of a client first, understanding the client’s concerns and goals second, and then moving into what we believe to be the most effective and helpful treatment plan for each person.

Whom should I call in an emergency?

Each counselor has an emergency number which is given to their clients should an emergency situation arise. If I am going to be unavailable, I will find a colleague to be “on call.” In addition, clients are encouraged to call 911 or proceed to an emergency room if a situation is immediate and/or medical attention is needed.



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Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor


M.A. in Counseling, Colorado Christian University
B.A. Pastoral Training, Moody Bible Institute


Managing Director, Center for Biblical Counseling-McKinney
Staff Counselor: Center for Biblical Counseling, Dallas; Drennan and Associates Christian Counseling
Personal and Family Coach, LEAD, Dallas Theological Seminary

Other activities: reading, exercising, yard work, woodworking, . . . and reading